5 Core-Crushing Exercises From Cheer’s Gabi Butler


Gabi Butler is back for Netflix’s second season of Cheer featuring Navarro’s famous squad, rival Trinity Valley Community College, and all the highflying stunts and full-outs to make your head spin. Butler’s last season with Navarro ended this past spring, and she’s since joined the cheer team at Utah’s Weber State University. (Note: barring a cancellation due to COVID-19, she will still take her talents to Daytona in 2022, just for a different division title.) This new squad, she told POPSUGAR, is known for its difficult stunts, but both Navarro and Weber State teams call for skills that you have to train “years and years and years” to get.

Performing on Butler’s level requires endurance and strength — watch Cheer episodes that chronicle “hell week,” and you’ll see just how much hard work it takes. Aside from “anything cardio related,” which the experienced flyer said she’s “super” into, she is a stickler for core. She thought back to when Coach Monica Aldama would have them do ab-focused conditioning during Navarro cheer practice. “[Aldama] would basically just be like, ‘OK, just go and do abs for like however long you can,'” Butler recalled, noting that when she could pick her own exercises, she’d do moves such as the following:

  • V-up
  • Side v-up
  • Leg lift
  • Seated knee tuck (or what Butler called “in-and-outs”)
  • Wall handstand walk

Ahead, check out how to do each move. This is not a workout, just a list of Gabi Butler-approved core exercises you might want to add to your next sweat session. As a former gymnast, I’m reminded of exactly the type of moves we used to do for mid-practice conditioning. (So I’m basically a Navarro cheerleader . . . NOT!)

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